Upgrading the Car Audio System in a Ford Ranger T6 Wildtrack

Are you tired of the lackluster sound quality of your factory audio system? Are you craving an immersive and powerful audio experience while driving your Ford Ranger T6 Wildtrack? Look no further than RadioMasters for a complete solution to elevate your in-car audio experience to a whole new level.

1. Enhancing Sound Quality Through Soundproofing and Component Upgrades

The first step in the audio enhancement process is to address the acoustic deficiencies in the car’s interior. RadioMasters employs a multi-layered approach, beginning with the application of a lightweight vibro isolator followed by noise isolator in the front doors and roof. This significantly reduces external noise and vibrations, creating a solid foundation for improved audio performance.

Moreover, custom mounting rings for 6.5” component Blam speakers are meticulously crafted and installed to ensure precise and optimal positioning, resulting in accurate sound reproduction and enhanced clarity. In fact, car speakers installation done on the factory mountings.

2. Customized Pillars for Front Tweeters for Optimal Soundstage

To achieve the highest level of tonal accuracy, RadioMasters fabricates new pillars to accommodate front tweeters, meticulously adjusting the angle for an optimal soundstage. The pillars are elegantly finished with black alcantara, seamlessly blending with the factory roof interior.

3. Upgraded Wiring and Amplification for Enhanced Power Delivery

The power and speakers wiring receive an overhaul, with the implementation of 4GA power cable and 16GA speakers cables, delivering clean and robust power to the audio system. Additionally, a precisely selected main fuse, in this case, the Connects one for 60A, ensures safe and reliable operation of the upgraded audio setup.

The heart of the system, the Audison Prima one, an 8-channel amplifier, takes center stage, applying a four-channel bi-amping scheme for the front speakers and unleashing the remaining channels for a bridged power setup to drive a pair of exhilarating subwoofers. The ingenious location of the subwoofer under the rear seat, within the factory jack location, maximizes space efficiency and preserves the vehicle’s practicality.

4. Finishing Touches and Precision Calibration

The deployment of a custom fiberglass enclosure for the subwoofer, meticulously trimmed to seamlessly integrate with the vehicle’s interior, signifies RadioMasters’ commitment to both form and function. The meticulous adjustment of the built-in Audison amplifier DSP processor and equalizer ensures that the audio system is finely-tuned to deliver a mesmerizing auditory experience.

In conclusion, the culmination of the RadioMasters’ expertise results in a transformative audio upgrade for the Ford Ranger T6 Wildtrack, delivering deep, powerful bass, crystal-clear vocals, and uncompromising fidelity even at high volumes. The seamless integration of the upgraded components with the factory settings underscores the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines RadioMasters’ approach, leaving customers delighted and eager to immerse themselves in unparalleled sonic bliss during their drives.