Land Rover Defender: Premium Meridian Audio System Upgrade

We recently received a request from a discerning customer seeking to enhance the car audio system in their unique Land Rover Defender Urban, equipped with the original Meridian audio system. However, the factory sound quality fell short of the customer’s expectations.

1. Comprehensive System Replacement

Following a thorough discussion with the customer regarding their preferences, we decided to undertake a complete overhaul of the factory audio system. While retaining the existing head unit, we introduced new speakers, subwoofer, and amplifiers for an elevated audio experience.

2. Soundproofing

Acknowledging the importance of optimal acoustics, we initiated the project with comprehensive soundproofing. This involved soundproofing for doors, floor, trunk, and roof, ensuring an immersive and noise-free driving experience.

3. Premium Wiring

For seamless connectivity and durability, we utilized Connects-branded speaker and power cables. This choice, proven successful in previous projects, ensures optimal signal transfer and longevity.

4. Custom Subwoofer Enclosure

A new enclosure was meticulously crafted to house the powerful 10” Hertz Mille subwoofer. Positioned beneath the rear seat, this design maximizes bass output without occupying additional space in the trunk.

5. Custom Pillars for Front Speakers

One of the most visually striking elements of our upgrade is the custom pillars for the front speakers. Opting for a 3-way system, we integrated midrange and tweeters into these pillars, elegantly trimmed with factory alcantara. Speakers installation completed and we followed to the next step.

6. Audison Amplification

The heart of the audio system lies in the Audison 8-channel amplifier with built-in DSP and a dedicated monoblock for the subwoofer. These components, known for their excellence, were selected to ensure precision and power in audio reproduction.

7. DSP Calibration

Following installation, we meticulously adjusted the Digital Signal Processor (DSP), resulting in a finely tuned audio system. The outcome is a car audio setup that delivers clear, deep bass, and impressive volume, meeting the high standards set by the discerning car owner.

Experience a new dimension of audio excellence with our bespoke Land Rover Defender audio system upgrade. Drive with clarity, precision, and power.